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Nelo OC1
Nelo OC1

Boat Specs

Length x width: 6m x 0.4m / 19.685ft x 15.748″


Paddler Weight:
L            < 187 lbs / 85 kg
XXL       > 187 lbs / 85 kg


*Plus taxes and local shipping

About the Excel 6.0

Nelo has partnered with Evolution Canoe to bring you the exciting new Excel 6.0 OC1.

Nelo’s exceptional construction quality and Evolution’s design have resulted is a very fast canoe in flat water. With its shorter length, the Excel performs well in downwind conditions.

The Excel 6.0 has been designed with performance in mind. The canoe measures 6m by 0.4m and comes with:

  • front and rear bungee
  • anodized aluminium iakos
  • leash attachment point 
  • extra weed-free rudder

what people say

Thiago Silva Sausalito, CA

So stoked with my Nelo OC1 - Excel 6.0. This canoe is so fass and fun! I have a great time on the water, every time!

Silvia Lee San Francisco, WA

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