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Viper 46

Construction types
  • Available in the following construction types: F, WWR, G, SCS, E
  • K1 Viper 46 Specs
  • Standard: up to 85 kg / 187 lbs
    XXL: 85 kg / 187 lbs+

About The Boat

The Viper Series has been one of the longest and most successful lines in the Nelo Range. The fitness boat concept has brought many athletes to the sport of paddling. The extra stability of the Viper allows the performance paddler to get the most out of their training without compromising stability.
As the market for this K1 has devleoped and grown, there was a for an even more ambitious design - something that could feel like a k1 in terms of reactivity and speed but keeping stability and volume that would allow it's use in any water conditions and by the amateur paddler.
The Viper 46 could have been called K1 Cinco 46, not only by its looks but also by its amazing performance in terms of speed and stability in all conditions.

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