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How FAST you paddle is determined by how EFFICIENT your paddling stroke is. Let us help you improve through our Innovative Video Feedback Coaching System.

No matter where you are in the world, we can help improve your paddling technique.

It's as simple as sending us a few video clips of you paddling, we analyse it using Coach's Eye software, and provide you with constructive feedback, based off our 20 years of paddling and coaching experience, to help you improve your paddling style.

You can choose to receive this feedback via a CONSULTATION or a VIDEO REVIEW.

*Note for in-person feedback, please book a One-on-One Coaching session.

To have your paddling analyzed we’ll need a video of you in action. Actually we need 3-4 short (up to 10 seconds) clips.
1. From the front. 2. From the side (left). 3 From the side (right). *4. From behind (*Optional).

Your coach will use this video to analyze your paddling technique, so please try and keep the frame around your whole torso, including paddle entry point. (GoPro or off a cellphone is fine).

The video clips should be 10-15" each or less, and will need to be emailed to us on

After you’ve submitted your clip, you’ll complete and submit a short questionnaire for the coach around your technique and what you’re trying to work on. The coach will review your questionnaire and your clip. From there, your coach will prepare an analyzed video of your submitted clip.

In your analyzed video, the coach will breakdown your paddling technique, and using illustrations and audio commentary, will highlight opportunities for you to get better and show where you can improve your technique.

Be sure to specify at signup whether you’ve granted us permission to share your video through our channels or if you’d rather keep it private.


  1. Create a few short video clips of you paddling. Front, side (left & right) and optional behind view. The clips should be 10-15 seconds long.
  2. Send the video to 
  3. The coach reviews your questionnaire and your clip. 
  4. If you book a CONSULTATION - arrange a time and day to have your IN PERSON REVIEW
  5. If you have booked a REVIEW, we will email you your FEEDBACK VIDEO.
  6. Take what you’ve learned and have fun going faster! 

Need help or have questions? Chat with Head Coach Michele on

If you have any questions or would like to reschedule, get in touch.


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