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Join our world class coaches over 4 consecutive sessions, designed to improve your paddling performance by covering the following important skills and methods:

  • Paddling Technique: in session #1 we focus on safety at sea. We then work intensively on optimizing your paddling stroke - aiming to get the best out of you. We will use video analysis as feedback, as well as a few tools to measure efficiency. We will use drills to reinforce what you are learning, as well as ideas on how to incorporate them into your training.
  • Ocean Conditions: in session #2 we teach you how to read the wind and ocean conditions. We teach you how to negotiate the surf zone, and become comfortable getting in and out through the surf.


  • Downwind in a Double: in session #3 we take you on a downwind in a double ski with your coach. The Nelo double ski is unique in that it is set up with a steering system in both the back and the front, allowing you to be in the drivers seat while your coach steers you into the sweet spot to be able to surf proficiently. Learn from your coach with real up front, live viewing of where you need to be in order to surf like a boss!


  • Downwind in a Single: in your final session, we take everything you have learned, and then test it out in a downwind run with your coach alongside you, giving you valuable feedback on the best way to surf runs.