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Join our world class coaches over 4 consecutive sessions, designed to improve your paddling performance by covering the following important skills and methods:

  • Paddling Technique: in session #1 we will work intensively on optimizing your paddling stroke - aiming to get the best out of you. We will use video analysis as feedback, as well as a few tools to measure efficiency. We will use drills to reinforce what you are learning, as well as ideas on how to incorporate them into your training.
  • How To Train: in session #2 we teach you how to train in a smart and effective way to reach your goals. We also cover strength training, mobilizing warm ups and nutrition.


  • Building A Training Program: in session #3 we show you how to construct a training plan with long term goals in mind. We will show you how to use stroke rate, and other measures to make sure you are on the right track. We also cover racing strategy, and etiquette on the water.


  • And finally, we look back at your technique and do a full review over the 3 sessions.