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C1 8

Construction types
  • Available in the following construction types: F, WWR, G, SCS, E
  • S: 60 kg / 132 lbs
    M: 60-70 kg / 132-154 lbs
    L: 70-80 kg / 154-176 lbs
    XL: 80-95 kg / 176-210 lbs
    XXL: 95 kg+ / 210 lbs +

About The Boat

C1 paddling has a long tradition of challenging technique, apparently effortless movements and harmonious strokes. The 8 aims to match that desire for speed and glide by becoming an extension of the paddler. This model strives for: 1. A more balanced movement, for that the Canoe has a more even volume distribution lengthwise, the creation of parallel lines keep the movement balanced while keeping the Canoe in the right direction. 2. A better lift on every stroke, by increasing the rocker in the middle part of the Canoe the wet surface of the canoe is easily reduced during the acceleration phase. 3. Improved direction, with improved bow and stern that generate less turbulence keeping the glide more fluid whilst easily correcting the trajectory. 4. More fine tuned range by adding an S size, making them 5 in total The combination of these factors resulted in an amazing hull, that the athletes can use to express their full potential to achieve maximum glide per stroke with full comfort and stability.

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