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Order and Shipping Process

All boats made by Nelo are hand made, custom orders.  That means even the Nelo factory does not keep boats ready for sale, they make each one special.  Most of our boat sales are pre-ordered, which allows Nelo to create beautiful artwork on the boat specific to each person’s imagination.  A pre-ordered sale means that your order is placed with the factory in Portugal and when we have enough orders, Nelo manufactures all the boats at the same time, then that shipment of boats sails across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and up the coast of Central America to the Port of Los Angeles.  We do this to keep international shipping costs down and to insure the safest transport of your new Nelo.

At Nelo USA West Coast, we do our best to carry inventory boats and are working to expand our capacity.  Please see our inventory and used page for boats that are currently at our warehouse in California. 

Yes and no.  Since all Nelo boats are special and hand made to order, it’s hard to predict inventory.  However, we do try our best to have some on hand and are working to expand our capacity.  Please take a look at our new and used inventory on the website; if a boat is listed there, we have it in California.  If the boat you want is not there, we will special order it for you.

If the boat you want in not in inventory, or you want something special made just for you, then the new boat will come in on one of two containers we get in each year.  Nelo USA West Coast expects two shipments; one in the Spring, to service the busy summer months and another in Fall, to service our athletes and teams who are starting a new season. 

Order collection will close in August for the Fall shipment and in March for the Spring shipment.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more and keep up to date as we may have a third, unexpected delivery.


Your Nelo’s price includes international shipping and local pick up in Costa Mesa, CA is free.  Domestic ground shipping is an extra fee.  Nelo USA West Coast offers a delivery service with each shipment that comes in at a very competitive rate.  We like to take this opportunity to meet you and help set up your new boat, if needed.  We highly recommend insuring your new boat once it arrives on US soil. 

Please fill out the order form at the bottom of each boat’s webpage. 

No worries! Nelo makes a wide range of composites serving sports like Canoe Polo, Sailing, Sea Kayaks, Coastal Rowing; they are always expanding their product line.  If you want more information on a specific boat or sport, we will gladly deliver it to you, just email us!  Nelo USA West Coast can special order any boat for you.

Boat Care

Here are some guidelines to extend the lifetime of your new Nelo:

1) Do not expose to sun for long periods

2) Do not tie it too tightly to racks (especially marathon construction)

3) Only allow professionals to repair your boat

4) Never store or transport it wet inside the cover

5) Treat it like a baby

Yes!  Boats with complex designs are coated with varnish, not gel coat and have special care requirements:

1) Don’t apply solvents

2) Avoid contact with abrasives

3) Have extra care when handling not to bump it hard

4) Use a cover whenever possible

5) Do not tie it down too tight

Please also see see warranty exclusions below and on the website.

A boat is a big investment and we highly recommend that every boat be covered by insurance.

Our shipping containers are  insured until they land in California, at which point it is the customer’s responsibility to add the boat to an insurance policy.  It is also your responsibility to understand your policy - what it does and does not cover (are your boats covered if they are traveling on a trailer to a race, for example). 

One way to insure your boat is to put it on your home owners or renter’s insurance; again, please make sure you understand the scope of your policy, each policy may be different.  We use a specialized insurance company “Lenard Insurance Group” who provides specific coverage for rowing shells and high-performance kayaks/canoes. 

To learn more about Lenard Insurance Group, please see our partners page at the bottom of our website.

Boat Warranty

Yes!  Your new Nelo has a 2 year factory warranty.  

Please read the full, and updated warranty terms on website.

Please read warranty exclusions below... 

As with all warranties, Nelo's factory warranty also has exclutions.

Please read Nelo's warranty terms at  The following is a list of actions that will void your warranty, please see the complete list on website.

Nelo gives no warranty coverage for the following:

1) Any components manufactured other than by Nelo

2) Repair work done by an unauthorized repair person

3) Damage resulting from improper use of the boat

4) Sun damage: If the boat is exposed to the sun for long periods of time it may cause some damage to the composite. In that case, the warranty shall be voided.

5) Osmotic Blistering: Nelo boats are designed for high performance and top speed and are meant to be stored dry in order to protect their surface coating.  The coating and it’s thickness were chosen with performance in mind and were not meant to be exposed to sun or stored wet. If the boat is left in a wet cover - or a wet boat is placed in a dry cover - or the boat is stored in very humid environment - or not properly dried - osmosis warranty shall be voided

6) Varnished boats: boats with complex designs usually need a layer of varnish as a final coating. This material doesn’t have the same properties as regular gel coat, thus it needs some extra care. Not observing the following rules will void the warranty:

     a) Don’t apply solvents

     b) Avoid contact with abrasives

     c) Have extra care when handling not to bump it hard

     d) Use a cover whenever possible

     e) Do not tie it down too tight

7) Minor discrepancies in the desired design and small cosmetic errors do not entitle you to deductions or returns.

About the Boats

Good question.  The Cinco model of the K1 came out prior to the 2016 Olympics and was a revolution in kayak design.  It’s inverted bow allows the boat great acceleration while providing the athlete with a better sense of balance.  The Sete is the Cinco with some impressive upgrades.  “Sete” means 7 in Portuguese, and there are 7 new features on the boat:

1)  Engineering - A new hull design that stays closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces the pitch and heading amplitude. This improves the speed loss curve, resulting in a more efficient boat that sustains the top speed for longer.

2) Unidirectional carbon- this new carbon layup makes this boat more rigid and it also has a sturdier cockpit rim.

3) New Fittings –

     a) Number Holder – has a spot for your GoPro and a place to hold your rudder to keep it safe when traveling

     b) Cable ties – easier to adjust rudder cable ties

4) Custom Design Upgrade – by using you can totally customize your boat with unimaginable creativity.

5)  Boat Size – The K1 and K2 will now have a Small size for athletes under 65kg and a XXXL for athletes over 100kg. The K4 will be available in 3 sizes: M, ML and L.

6) Rudder – now 100% carbon and has a new shape

7) Telescopic rudder bar – you can mow adjust the rudder bar length by twisting the bar to set the length, making the process much easier and more convenient.


Yes!  Nelo's innovation of seamless boats was launched prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Seamless boats are stronger boats and cause less problems.  Nelo Surfski, Nelo Rowing, Nelo Canoe, Nelo Kayak, Tiderace and Light Corp Boards are ALL seamless.   No more popping seams going out through surf on your favorite Surfski or Stand-Up! 



1 (P)- Plastic Polyethylene

This construction is excellent for extremely durable boats designed for experts and beginners alike.  Available on Surfski 510 model. Don’t let the plastic fool you, these are still Nelo boats with correct ergonomics and excellent performance in flat water and at sea.

2 (A1) - Fiberglass Epoxy Vacuum

This construction is an excellent choice for canoe clubs.  The boats are stiff, excellent quality and affordable for all enthusiasts and experts.  Available in K1 Quattro and Viper Series boats.

3 (F) - Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum Heat Cured 

This construction is a proven winner, having earned medals at World Championships. It’s extremely resistant and stiff, so it’s excellent both for sprint training (K1, K2, C1, C2, sprint and marathon) and competition.  It is all carbon, but with one less layer than SCS, making it a more affordable option.

 4 (WWR) - Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum

This construction is designed for river descent, marathon training and sea kayaking. Its main characteristics are stiffness and impact resistance.  This is a very popular choice in Surfski construction. (Available on K1, K2, C1, C2 and all surfskis)

5 (G) - Extra Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum Heat Cure

High quality construction, prepared for high performance.

6 (E) - Carbon/Kevlar Vacuum Heat Cured

This construction is specific for marathon racing, and its main characteristics are lightness and stiffness. The balance between weight and stiffness gives this construction an outstanding performance in marathon racing. Since it is designed with light weight in mind, these boats are very fragile and only recommended for serious marathon canoe athletes who will appreciate their special care requirements. Available in K1, K2, C1, C2.

7 (SCS) - Solid Composite System

Built with the professional in mind, this system was conceived by MAR Kayaks and one of the company’s best innovations. It allows us to produce boats as solid as composites can be using the latest technologies. It has an extreme performance level due to its extreme stiffness.  These boats are top of the line racing machines.  (Available in C1, C2, C4, K1, K2, K4, all Surfski models – excluding the 510 – and all Rowing models.)


Nelo has quite a few  serious innovations on it's new Rowing line.  

Borrowing from their award winning manufacturing processes in Canoe Sprint, the new Nelo shells are seamless which creates a very rigid and robust hull - eliminating patch work to busted seams.

The hull design is flatter than most boats, which allows the Nelo to lift and maintain it's acceleration longer. 

The bow is inverted, which creates constant contact with the water and decreases unnecessary boat movement, specifically pitch.  The stern also has contact with the water from the first stroke, further reducing pitch. 

The seat runners are inverted, so there is less chance of debris impeding the seat wheels. The seat rails are further apart, which reduces the chance of injury to the lower leg.

The boats come with a variety of skegs and shoes for your preference.  The skeg is self sealing. 

 Both the boat and the rigger come in a very well made cover, with a small space for your tools and spare parts.

Nelo has a stunning manufacturing plant and has expanded its product line by manufacturing for other brands. 

The following are brands Nelo manufactures under licence:

Tiderace Sea Kayaks

Struier (Danish mahogany wooden K1s)

LightBoardCorp (hollow composite racing SUP)

Double Dutch (Canoe Polo)

Nelo also makes racing coastal rowing boats, racing sail boats and a full line of sea kayaks.

If you don't see what you are looking for on our website, email us!

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