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K2 Quattro

Construction explanation
  • Available in the following construction types: A1, F, WWR, G, SCS, E
  • M: up to 140 kg / 308 lbs
    ML: 140-150 kg / 330-352 lbs
    L: 150-160 kg / 330-352 lbs
    XXL: 160 kg+ / 352 lbs+

About The Boat

The Quattro range was produced leading into the 2012 Olympics. As always, Nelo builds on the previous model, using paddler feedback coupled with technological advancements, to produce a boat that is more stable and faster, through improved manufacturing techniques.

The Quattro range is also offered in A1 construction - a Glass Epoxy layup that is perfectly suited for club's and paddlers looking for a more cost-effective kayak.

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