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C1 Cinco

Construction explanation
  • Available in the following construction types: F, WWR, G, SCS, E
  • M: 70 kg / 165 lbs
    L: 70-80 kg / 154 - 176 lbs
    XL: 90-95 kg / 198-210 lbs
    XXL: 95 kg+ / 210 lbs +

"Cinco" could well mean constant development, as that is what we have been doing since 2011, experimenting, creating and getting feedback from the most various shapes and adjustments. The focus as always remained in the performance and feeling, soon we realized that in the canoes that means that the athlete should feel stable but also to feel the boat is gliding after every stroke, without loosing its control or direction. From the Quattro series we made changes in two areas: 1. Shape - Made it a bit easier to handle, better acceleration and above all a steady glide feeling after every stroke. New decks to help keeping the water out and ergonomic on the hand movement. 2. Construction and fittings - More rigid canoes with special impact sides allow the athletes to push hard with hteir steering without feeling any vibration, and the boat to react more efficiently. New fittings and parts to make it even easier to personalize and adjust the canoe for each athlete The results are there to be seen with many of the paddlers taking the first prototypes all trough the season performing at a very high level, and from now it can only get better!

Please note that the SCS construction all have the option of custom design. For all other orders, please use the design tool here, download your design as a pdf and email it to us on

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