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Nelo 550 surfski

Boat Specs

Length x width: 5.5m x 0.47m / 16.7ft x 18.5″


Paddler Weight:
ML        < 165 lbs
L            165 – 200 lbs
XXL       > 200 lbs


(4) WWR – CARBON KEVLAR: 12.5 kg / 27.7 lbs
(7) SCS – CARBON: 11 kg / 24.3 lbs


*Plus taxes and local shipping

About the 550

The Nelo 550 surfski is a downwind machine!

For the advanced paddler looking for a bit more stability to be able to paddle in any conditions, this is fast becoming our best selling boat!

The new, revolutionary hull design has allowed the original 550 to transform into a ski that surfs better, and is fast with great acceleration.

what people say

Maggie Hogan Costa Mesa, CA

I recently switched from the 560 to the 550 ML, and I couldn't be happier! I am no longer a professional kayaker, and when I do downwinds these days, my goal is to surf. I have take the 550 ML ot in massive Gorge conditions and loved every second of it! The concave hull allows me to jup runs, which I could only previously do on the 560. The extra stability allows me to always be able to put 100% effort onto the paddle.

Brian Kummer The Gorge, WA

Coming through the Hatchery the 550 performed like a champ. Again linking waves was easy and it felt very stable in one of the most turbulent sections of the run. The final segment of the run to the Bridge is great fun. Getting in to the current line coming off the sand bar at the river mouth, the waves stand up and it’s kind of like surfing a standing wave that peaks and moves. It’s a different experience. The 550 ran this section incredibly well. I unintentionally got to test the secondary stability as tried to run on of the peaks right and the wave forced me left (they will do that in this section, often). I rolled left and started to brace and then the secondary kicked in. I was back to even keel and on my way with a couple of quick strokes and finished the run in short order.

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