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Nelo 510 surfski

Boat Specs

Length x width: 5.1m x 0.55m / 16.7ft x 21.7″
Seat to Footrest: 0.86m x 1.03m / 33.9 x 40.5″


One Size Fits All


(P) Plastic: 22kg / 48.5 lbs


$1620 – with Braca/Nelo paddle
$1520 – no paddle

About the 510

The Nelo 510 surfski is the perfect starter boat. Made from recycled plastic, it is both  durable and stable, and will provide you with years of use.
Most paddlers never outgrow this surfski, even if you find yourself in a composite boat down the road, you will have no hesitation loaning this to friends and family of all ages.
Got a rocky beach? No problem! 

Don’t be fooled by its beginner status, this boat surfs like a boss! We have personally achieved some pretty decent speeds o our local downwind run in Newport Beach.
Just like the rest of the Nelo surfski line-up, this boat is agile, maneuverable, and fast when compared to other boats in its class.

We have the option to attach a micro-ski like the ama of an OC1, making this the perfect family boat!

what people say

Thorsten von Eicken Santa Barbara, CA

The Nelo 510 is an awesome beginner's surfski that continues to be useful after upgrading to a more advanced ski. I've been lovin' mine and I'm so glad I bought it.

Sean Morley San Francisco, CA

The 510 is the perfect training ski for a lot of folks. It is surprising fast and rigid for a plastic ski and has great ergonomics, with plenty of lower back support. It is super fun in the surf - the tough construction allows you to push the limits of what you think is possible on a surf ski.

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