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Viper 46 surfski

Boat Specs

Length x width: 5.2m x 0.55m / 16.7ft x 21.7″

Seat to Footrest: 0.86m x 1.03m / 33.9 x 40.5″


L < 90 kg / 200 lbs

XXL < 90 kg / 200 lbs


(4) WWR – CARBON KEVLAR: 12 kg / 26.5 lbs

(7) SCS – CARBON: 11 kg / 24.3 lbs


*Plus taxes and local shipping

About the Viper 46 Surfski

The versatile Viper 46 surfski – great in varied water conditions.

The Viper 46 K1 proved very popular for its versatility, so Nelo created the sit on top version – the Nelo Viper 46 surfski. 

The V46 ski has the same hull as the V46 K1, with our ergonomically correct surfski cockpit found on our surfski line-up – creating a perfect combination. With a 4 stability level, this boat is aimed at the non professional but expert paddler (applicable if main use is ocean paddling), or for those that aiming to improve their ability.  

what people say

David Woodruff Viper 46 ski
David Woodruff Newport Beach, CA

I took about six months of lessons and had the opportunity to try a variety of the Nelo skis, including the 510, 520, 540, 550 and the Viper 46. While the Viper 46 was beyond my skill level at the time, the design fit the style of padding that I was primarily going to do, fitness paddling on flat water. It also handles small swells and choppy water just fine. This boat is fast. I have really enjoyed the experience.

Alex Ciuca Seattle, WA

Before switching to Viper 46 I used to paddle an Epic V10Gen2 and an Epic V8 Pro. As I paddle mainly for fitness I felt that the V10 had too much volume for me and the type of paddling I am doing while the V8 Pro was just too stable. To replace the V10 I wanted a boat that is stable enough to allow me to further develop the paddling technique (but not too stable either) and with a narrow bow that would encourage and reward good rotation. After paddling the V46 for 15 months now I can only say that it meets all my requirements and it was indeed the perfect choice. Overall V46 is just a bit less stable than the V10. I would say that it has a bit more primary stability but due to its very narrow bow (very close to a racing kayak) it becomes tippy very quickly and will not tolerate the bad habits of leaning to the side during the catch phase. The narrow bow also means that “good” rotation takes another dimension – there is always more of it possible and needed. It pushes me to train my balance and flexibility further to be able to plant the paddle as much as possible in the front. With the V46 as soon as I finish a paddling session I just want to train more and go out to paddle again. Paddling 4-5 times per week has become the norm. And the better I get the more I like it – the boat is just as good.

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