| the 600 |

Nelo 600 double ski

Boat Specs

Length x width: 6m x 0.6m / 19.69ft x 23.6″
Seat to Footrest: 0.9 – 1m / 35.4 – 39.3″


One size fits all.


(4) WWR – CARBON KEVLAR: 16 kg / 35 lbs
(7) SCS – CARBON: 14 kg / 30.8 lbs


*Plus taxes and local shipping

About the 600

One of the shortest double surfskis on the market, the Nelo 600 has steering in both the front and back – which allows for an interactive learning experience on downwind paddling.

Stable, maneuverable – makes a great downwind boat!

what people say

Maggie Hogan Costa Mesa, CA

Possibly the most fun surfski in the world! Great for teaching - and surfing!

Michele Eray The Gorge, WA

Teaching downwind from this boat is the ONLY way I will coach it!

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